Welcome to SwimEatLove.com!

Hi everybody and thanks for visiting my website!

I am a High School student at Singapore American School with a huge passion for swimming and food. I started swimming lessons when I was 4 years old and began swimming competitively soon after. My passion for swimming has definitely grown as I’ve gotten older and gotten faster and faster. So many people think it’s strange that I love swimming so much, even though I complain about having to wake up at 5am for morning practice, or having to spend countless weekends at meets. There is only one way I can explain my love and devotion for swimming; I can’t imagine who I would be without swimming. I have learned so many of my most important life lessons from swimming, whether it’s in the pool or out, and I am extremely grateful for all of the amazing experiences swimming has given me. Outside of the pool, I love experimenting with new recipes and ingredients in the kitchen. I started baking with my Grandma when I was young, but my love for food has really developed over the last few years. I love being able to spend Sunday afternoons in the kitchen with my family cooking dinner. I love going to the local markets and picking out fresh produce, going home and making something delicious out of it! While I do love cooking with meats and seafood, making desserts is always the best part! Baking cakes for birthdays, pies for Thanksgiving, or simply to share with my family is something that allows me to show my creative side!
On this website, I will be sharing my thoughts on swimming (both fun and serious), my successes and failures in the kitchen, and my insights on life!

Thank you so much and enjoy!



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