The Benefits of Yoga



“Aummm, Namaste”. When most people hear this phrase, they think of a relaxing, low intensity workout called yoga. While that phrase does in fact represent yoga, many are mistaken about it being relaxing and low intensity. Yoga can have a relaxing element to it, however it requires an enormous amount of core and back strength (helping to create a good sense of balance). Using your core and back to keep you up and balanced, yoga works to stretch out and elongate your muscles, keeping you aligned at the spine. For swimmers, flexibility and keeping your muscles long is very important to hold your technique together, and allowing that extra reach at the end of each stroke. Most swimmers will get tight very quickly from all the dry-land, weight, and swim workouts. If swimmers don’t take time to stretch properly after every workout, they are going to get tighter and tighter every time which can result in injury, especially around the shoulders. Yoga and swimming have always been two activities that have gone hand in hand. The minimal gravity effect of swimming leads many to believe that you cannot get injured through swimming. It is true that you won’t break an arm in a matter of seconds or get a gash in your leg, but over time, your muscles and joints will start to wear and tear, unless you are taking care of your body. Yoga is a great way to make sure that you are keeping your body in tip top shape, to reduce the chances of getting an injury. “Most people have no idea how good their body is designed to feel” -Kevin Trudeau. Allow yourself to look inside and see how good your body can feel.

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