Food for Thought

Food for thought - article

As a swimmer,I am accustomed to stuffing my face with whatever I want. I don’t have to worry too much about what I’m eating, because I train and workout so much that I usually burn everything away. A few weeks ago, I injured my ankle, keeping me out of the pool and off my feet. Because I can’t do much cardio or even swim, I realized that I needed to start watching what I eat. A friend of mine became really into raw and vegan foods, and eventually got me hooked on it too! At first, I rolled my eyes at her saying that she was being so boring and healthy, until I started looking up healthy recipes. I found that there are so many different ways you can play with food to make healthy, low carb, low calorie meals…AND THEY STILL ARE DELICIOUS! I always thought that eating healthy was just for your appearance, but once I actually started eating super healthy, I realized that it can be super beneficial for you mentally as well. I am able to concentrate better and I just feel better overall. Even though I normally don’t eat processed foods and tend to eat healthy, being able to really concentrate on what you put in your body does you so much good! So today I thought I would share some amazing healthy recipes I have tried (check my next post for recipes!), and LOVED! Enjoy!


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