Limoncello Cupcake Bouquet Recipe

For my mom’s birthday this year, I wanted to do something different, something unexpected. The past 5 years have all been the same; red velvet cupcakes or chocolate cake and ice cream. So this year, I decided to do something that would play with her senses (hopefully). I wanted to make my mom a cupcake bouquet! I was honestly so nervous when I started because I didn’t think it was going to turn out, so when I was walking the finished product out to my mom, I was in awe of how it turned out. My mom loved it, and when she first opened her eyes, she honestly thought it was a bouquet of flowers.


Me and my mom with her cupcake bouquet

I thought I’d share with you how to make this eye-tricking delicious bouquet of cupcakes. So start by making a dozen cupcakes, any flavor you want (I made limoncello cupcakes for this one). You won’t need all 12, but you might need extras in case you mess up or just want a snack:) Next, find a flower pot or a colorful pot and wash it thoroughly. Get about 5-6 pieces of newspaper and stuff the pot tightly with it. For the last piece of newspaper, bundle it up into a ball and stick it on top. Get a piece of foil and cover the top of the pot/newspaper to hold the round shape. Now for the frosting. I love my frostings and I think that it’s best homemade, but store-bought frosting and food coloring works just as well. For these cupcakes, I made vanilla vodka, buttercream frosting. You want to divide the frosting into 4 bowls, one for each color. The first bowl is going to be brown frosting (for the ‘dirt’).You’re going to spread it over the foil covering the rounded top of the pot. Try to spread it as evenly as possible so you can’t see any of the foil underneath. The next 3 colors are up to you, but try to make them as ‘flowery’ looking as possible (I used blue, pink and purple). You’re going to frost the cupcakes, 3 of each color. Now for my favorite part; to add a little bit of oomph to the look of the cupcakes, you need some sprinkles (I acted like a 5 year old girl when I got the sprinkles out because I was so excited). I got the same 3 colors of sprinkles, blue, pink, and purple. Put as much sprinkles as you would like on the cupcakes. You can honestly never have too many sprinkles! Now grab 8 long skewers and stick them into the pot (through the foil and newspaper). Make sure to spread them around evenly. Carefully stick the cupcakes through the top of the skewers. The last step is to grab a bunch of mint leaves, and stick them in between the cupcakes (it’s supposed to look like leaves). Voila! You have your cupcake bouquet!


Limoncello Cupcake Bouquet

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