Wild Honey- SG Cafes

One of my favorite brunch cafes in Singapore is Wild Honey. If you go at 9:00am on a Sunday morning, and you can usually get a table right away, however if you want to go any other time, you will probably need a reservation. Walk in and there are an array of tables, chairs, and couches. The tables range from two-seaters to long tables that are more communal style. The light-green covered chairs are a perfect place to park yourself for a couple hours to have brunch and catch up with your friends. There’s an outside balcony as well, which can be nice if it’s not too hot! Their menu is by far one of the best and most extensive brunch menus I’ve ever seen. A couple of my all-time favorites are the Brittany, the Tunisian, the European, the Caribbean, and the Brazilian cheese bread. Our latest outing to Wild Honey consisted of the European, the Caribbean, Brazilian cheese bread, and of course iced coffee.


The 5- piece Brazilian cheese bread comes in a martini glass on a bed of rock salt. They are perfectly sized warm bites of heaven. The outside is a little bit hard, with a crunch of cheese, and the inside is warm, gooey, soft cheese bread. This is a must at every brunch. The European is two pieces of butter-toasted brioche, sautéed mushrooms, a poached egg wrapped in prosciutto, and covered in hollandaise sauce. I had this for the first time last weekend, and I think it’s my favorite dish on the menu. The brioche is so soft and buttery, the mushrooms are sautéed with herbs and butter which adds a little bit of bitterness, the prosciutto is generously served and adds the salt, the hollandaise sauce adds a bit of tanginess and the egg is perfectly poached (you stick a knife through it and the yolk spill out at the right consistency. We polished this dish off in a matter of seconds. The Caribbean is a close second favorite to the European. The Caribbean is coconut waffles with fresh bananas, mangoes and raspberries, served with passion fruit cream and passion fruit syrup. The waffles are light but also with a heavy passion fruit cream on it, but the fresh fruit and passion fruit syrup cuts through the heaviness with light and fresh flavor. These two dishes are paired perfectly together, especially if you can’t decide whether your want sweet or savory!

Go visit them at 333A Orchard Rd, #03-01/02 Mandarin Gallery, or visit their website to make a reservation at http://wildhoney.com.sg/11/index/ for a great brunch with friends!


Perfect Sunday brunch location!


The European


The Caribbean


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