The Importance of Fresh Produce

Walking down the aisle of the supermarkets in Singapore is not exactly amusing. You look at the labels for the fruits and vegetables and see the same thing on every piece of produce: “imported from Indonesia”, “imported from the Philippines”, and “imported from Malaysia”. While it’s not necessarily a bad thing that we buy produce that imported from other countries, it’s definitely not the best thing. Not only are the fruits and veggies not the freshest, but we also don’t get a wide variety of foods. For my family, our standard shopping cart consists of apples, oranges, onions, broccoli and the occasional eggplant, but only if we find good ones. That’s basically it. 10 months out of the year. But for those magical two months that we spend out of the country (mainly in So Cal, a little in Japan), walking down the supermarket aisle is 100% my favorite thing to do (okay, that might be a little over the top, but you get the point). Instead of just reaching for our standard apples and oranges, I find myself reaching for pints and pints of strawberries, blueberries and raspberries. We get bags on end of cherries, picked right in California, and humongous summery watermelons. Not only do we get our fresh eggplant fix, but we’re reaching for bundles of asparagus, fresh corn, peppers, tomatoes, and possibly any other vegetable you could think of. Because of all of the fresh produce we have available, I find ourselves eating a lot healthier. We’ve been making tons of salads and roast veggie dishes, we’ve been adding fresh asparagus and tomatoes to our pastas, and tons  of eggplant, onions and peppers to our curries. And let me tell you what, it’s absolutely delicious. Living in Singapore, I often forget how good fruits and veggies are supposed to be, and sometimes force myself to just eat the fruits and veggies like I’m taking vitamins or something. Becoming aware of the food you’re eating and learning to appreciate the freshness of produce is one of the most important steps to learning how to start eating better and enjoying the food you eat. So where do you get your produce from and how fresh is it? I promise, fresh produce makes all the difference!

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