Teaching at 17?

It has now been 2 weeks since the first day of senior year, and it has been everything I’ve hoped for. All summer, my sister dreaded the countdown for school to start, but for some weird reason, I was super excited. I was that weird person who couldn’t wait to get back to SAS and start school again. Maybe it was the excitement of senior year, maybe it was to be back with my friends again, who knows. But the one thing that I know drove my excitement was the anticipation of one of my classes. This year, I decided to do an independent learning, where I am learning how to be a PE teacher by student teaching a Group Fitness class in my high school. I’ve been working with my mentor (the Group Fitness teacher), to create my own curriculum and learning milestones. While some of my friends think it’s extremely weird and slightly abnormal that I had such a strong desire to learn how to be a teacher, I think it’s exactly what I needed to be doing at this time in my life. Yes, I do have a lot of time before I even have to begin thinking about what I want to do as a job, but this is giving me that extra little boost of energy to keep going with all of my other work.

Being so passionate about health, physical education and nutrition, this is the best way for me to begin working with students to help them learn how to create their own healthy lifestyles. I mean, I truly believe that every PE teachers intention is to help their students create a sustainable, healthy lifestyle, right? Now that we’ve had quite a few classes and I’ve gotten to know some of the other kids in my class, I’m beginning to slowly realize how much joy doing this brings me. To see girls walk in that don’t know how to do a movement, and to slowly see them gain confidence and work hard is a really special thing to be a part of. As an athlete, it inspires me to work harder in everything I do at practice.

Who really knows where I’ll end up in 2, 4, 8 years? I mean maybe i’ll be doing my residency as a neuro surgeon at some big hospital (haha, NOT), but having this opportunity to get a little taste into this one profession at the age of 17 is truly an amazing opportunity for me. I will be keeping you guys posted as I continue through the year as a student-teacher in Group Fitness!

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