Teaching at 17? #2

Today I did something really exciting: I led a whole group fitness class from start to finish! And it was such a good feeling. I started writing the workout about a week ago and worked on it little by little up until today. There was a warm-up, circuit, challenge, and warm-down. In addition to that, I also created the playlist to go along with the workout. I definitely learned a lot today and I’m looking forward to teaching again in the future so I can see how I improve.

So for today’s workout, I wanted to do something a little different from what we had been doing (body pump), so I decided that we were going to do a circuit. I started by splitting the class up into groups. Although it seems like such a 3rd grade thing to make groups, I think it’s extremely effective in this context. I spent a good 20 minutes picking the groups. I started by making sure that there was a good mix of boys and girls in each group. I then made sure I split up the students who I knew were friends, and put them with people that I hadn’t seen them interact with a lot. I wasn’t sure how this was going to work out, but I think it did! There were exercises that required partners, and I really saw some students going out of their comfort zones and working with people they normally wouldn’t work with. So then it was time to create the workout. I went into the storage room where we have all of our equipment, and picked 5 pieces that I wanted to work with. I then thought back to all of the workouts I’ve done before and picked my favorite exercises using each piece of equipment, and there was the workout.


Main set: Circuit; 2 rounds straight through 2 min water break}repeat  (45 seconds on, 15 seconds off; 5 mins per round)

5 groups of four (mix up, 2 girls 2 boys)

  1. Squat/Burpees
    1. All rounds: 5 squats holding weight overhead (arms stay straight), 5 air burpees w/ push-up
  2. BOSU Ball push-ups
    1. Round 1-2: regular push-ups (with knees for regression)
    2. Round 3-4: push-up with bounce (if too tired or want a regression, regular push-ups)
  3. Kettle Bell Swings
    1. Round 1-2: Both hands
    2. Round 3-4: Singles, switch hands at top
  4. Med balls
    1. Round 1-2: Bounce w/ chest pass
    2. Round 3-4: Sit up w/ OH throw
  5. Ladders
    1. Round 1-2: Quick feet, shuffle on the way back
    2. Round 3-4: Hip switches, shuffle back (switch sides each time)


After we finished the circuit portion, everyone seemed pretty tired, so I had planned to do a couple yoga challenges. We did a few of them and they were really fun. I had the class get into groups of 2-4 people that they felt comfortable with and we went on. The challenges we did were the push-up chain, plank pyramid, and the box sit-up/pike.

Students trying the push-up chain challenge!

Students trying the push-up chain challenge!

Students trying the push-up chain challenge!

Students trying the push-up chain challenge!

Overall, I think today’s workout went really well. I recapped after class with my mentor and we talked about some things that went well and some things I could work on for next time. Can’t wait for next time! And stay tuned to stay updated about a 17 year old teaching PE!

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