Dainty Hooligan- Fun & Flirty Clothing

Anyone who knows me probably knows that I am absolutely OBSESSED with Dainty Hooligan! When people don’t know what to get me for a present, a Dainty Hooligan gift card is pretty much a go-to. I first found their dresses on Pinterest and fell in love. I bought my first dress from them after visiting one of their stores and have been ordering from them ever since. From Sunday brunch to weddings, and prom (yes, I wore one of their dresses to prom!) to drinks, their clothes are perfect for anything and everything. These are just a few of my favorite tops, rompers and dresses from their store!

Online Store: https://www.daintyhooligan.com/

Every time I wear this roper I get compliments! I love how fun this pattern is and how easy it is to wear. I wear this to everything from brunch with my friends to after dinner drinks.

This top may be one of my favorite tops I’ve ever owed. I have to admit, I wasn’t the biggest fan when I saw it online, but after my mom convinced me how cute it was, I had to get it. And now I’m obsessed!

This was my first thing I ever got from Dainty Hooligan! I found their store on Pinterest and new that I had to get one of their dresses for my cousin’s wedding. I absolutely loved this color and the dress is AMAZING quality.

This maxi-dress is perfect for a girls night out! It’s open back and bright colors makes it fun and flirty.

This high-neck yellow dress is perfect for going to watch a musical or play. I paired this with some casual wedges, and everyone LOVED it!

This coral scalloped tank top has an open back, and it is so so cute. I probably wear this top the most, it’s so versatile! I can pair it with white jean shorts or jeans and it’s always so cute.

I wore one of Dainty Hooligan’s dresses to my junior prom in Singapore (they made it across the world)! I fell in love with the style of this dress, and the sparkles fit me perfectly. All my friends and family loved this dress on me. It was a magical dress for a magical night!

I bought this neon yellow romper because I loved the color. I wear this over a bikini to the beach all the time, or even with a romper for a casual, fun outfit.

I first wore this top while visiting Napa with my family, and it was perfect! It was sophisticated, but cute with a floral pattern.

This is a simple blue top, but with a spider web back. This goes with anything. Shorts or jeans, day or night. So easy to wear and super soft and comfy!

You can just see the top here, but this is a grey, high-neck dress with a subtle pattern. I’ve worn this to everything from exploring San Fransisco to attending professional events, and it works for everything!

This is by far my favorite dress from Dainty Hooligan! It has a semi open and tie back which makes this dress fun and flirty. It’s super lightweight and easy to wear to anything!

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