12 Days of Christmas |Day 1-24 Days of Self-Care|2018

Happy December! I am honestly in disbelief that it’s already December, I feel like I was just writing my last 12 Days post from 2017. But here we are, ready to celebrate the holidays and the end of the year. I am SO excited to be back doing 12 Days of Christmas this year and can’t wait to share all the fun holiday/Christmas themed posts with you. The first post for this year is going to be 24 days of self-care. The holidays can be crazy and hectic (but don’t get me wrong still super fun!), so you want to make sure you’re still taking time to take care of yourself. I’ve put together a list of 24 small and simple things you can do for yourself leading up to Christmas to keep yourself grounded and sane during this busy time of the year. Happy reading and see you for day 2! xx

Day 1- Make your Christmas playlist for the season

Day 2- Buy some flowers or a plant for your vanity, room or house

Day 3- Put on a Christmas themed face mask

Day 4- Read a new/fun book

Day 5- Start working on a Christmas coloring book or puzzle

Day 6- Get outside and do something new

Day 7- Reach out to an old friend or someone you haven’t talked to in a while

Day 8- Cook dinner for yourself and/or others (this may sound like it could add more stress, but the act of cooking and baking can also be so therapeutic).

Day 9- Get your fingers and toes all ready for Christmas, whether you do it yourself or you treat yourself to a mani-pedi

Day 10- Have a night in to yourself, order your favorite take-out, binge your favorite show and light your favorite candles

Day 11- Try a new exercise routine; Zumba, pilates, spin, etc.

Day 12- Do a good deed; trust me, it will help you feel so good

Day 13- Take a bath with your favorite bath bomb or bath salts

Day 14- Experiment with essential oils, find your favorite scents and combinations

Day 15- Have a DIY day and try a new hand-on project you’ve been wanting to try

Day 16- Try meditating using an app

Day 17- Do an at-home facial using all your favorite beauty and skin-care products

Day 18- Redecorate/reorganize your room or your work space

Day 19- Treat yourself to a small pre-Christmas treat; don’t stress yourself out over spending money, but get yourself something small you’ve been wanting

Day 20- Take a social media hiatus for a few hours; be present and enjoy time with family and friends

Day 21- Explore your neighborhood and find your new favorite coffee shop or cozy spot

Day 22- Wrap Christmas presents and fill stocking, it’s such a mood booster

Day 23- Have a Christmas movie night complete with your favorite holiday drinks and snacks

Day 24- Bake your favorite Christmas cookies to share with your family and friends


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