Life Through A Lens #21- BACK TO REALITY


Life Through A Lens #18- CAMPUS LIFE

Santa Monica beach views of the Georgian Hotel and beautiful palm trees.
A break from campus with a night out on the town. Emily Saliers concert at The Troubadour was amazing!
First meet of my collegiate career! I don’t know what was better, the experience or the view ❤
Views from the top of the Pepperdine campus.
Malibu at sunset is nothing less than breathtaking.
My beautiful campus part 1…
…and part 2…
…and finally part 3.
Cotton candy skies make any day better. Still can’t believe that I live here!

Life Through A Lens #10- PHUKET

We’re back from our spring break beach vacation in Phuket. Here are some photos!

be be be be beachin’
no complaints here!
our hotel had a private beach enclosed between green hills
definition of lazy: me on this trip
tropical drinks part 1
amazing amazing dinner at EAT. restaurant and bar
no vacation is complete without a couple lush bath bombs
my favorite beach time activity
picture perfect resort
tropical drinks part 2
this view for 5 days;)
EAT. part 2–yes we went back!
tropical drinks part 3
the beautiful entrance to our hotel at sunset
happy hour with a view:)